Mantras have always been a strong part of my yoga and spiritual practice. While teaching yoga retreats in Tulum, Mexico many students would ask where they could purchase malas locally.  Unfortunately, the answer was nowhere so I began making them myself…this it how it began.

In 2006, I took my first journey to India and discovered the small village of Dharmshala where His Holiness the Dalai Lama lives. This Himalayan town is a haven for Tibetans refugees and also Tibetan malas.  I bought enough malas to fill my suitcase to take back home.

I also found the "Mala Man" and we began a collaboration on the mala collection.  He creates the elegant adjustable knots the close the malas. He is also a foster parent for Tibetan children that arrive in India from Tibet without their family so they are raised in a traditional home.  I also work directly with the Tibetan Nunnery Project that supports Tibetan women during their religious studies.  Every year I return to India to create the Tibetan Collection with these amazing individuals.

The Mestiza Collection is designed and made in Mexico using beautiful gemstones and wooden beads.  An important part of our Mestiza Malas philosophy is to give back to our local community of Tulum.  A percentage of sales goes to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of local street dogs we also work with our neighbors to help the with veterinary care for their dogs.